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Below is a detailed list of all the artists whose work we feature, along with a biography. Click on the name of the artist you wish to view.

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Mario Sanzone

Mario Sanzone was born in Naples, Italy in 1946. He attended the Fine Art Academy in Naples, where he continues to live and work. After finishing his studies he became a  professional painter and now has an international reputation holding exhibitions in Europe and...

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Marisa Mallol

Born in Spain, Marissa specializes in oil on board. Her still life paintings of fruit, flowers, and glass objects truly are remarkable. The delicate and decisive brush strokes pull the viewer into her truly exceptional work. Some of this is featured...

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Martin Spencer Coleman

Born in Leicester in 1952, Spencer Coleman is widely considered to be one of the leading exponents of British landscape painting today. Entirely self taught, he and now specialises in figurative and landscapes work, concentrating on the realistic depiction of the...

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Maykel Herrera

Maykel Herrera is recognised in the artistic circles of Cuba and the Americas as being a truly prolific artist whose work carries much accolade and admiration. Maykel Herrera was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1979, He graduated from the Professional School of Arts in...

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Miguel Piedro

Miguel Peidro was born in 1950 in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain. He received artistic training at a private studio alongside well-known Spanish painters such as Vincente Moya, Alex Alemany, and Juan Ferri. Being in the presence of such talent, Miguel was inspired to learn as...

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Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1960. He joined the Merchant Navy after leaving school and subsequently has held a number of jobs on the road to becoming a full-time artist. Nigel Cooke sold his first painting at the age of 14 and joined Butlins as...

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Richard Telford

Richard Telford was born in 1950 in the county town of Dorchester, the heart of Thomas Hardys’ Wessex. His childhood was spent in a small village on the Devon/Dorset border. It was evident from an early age that he had a natural talent for art , and was often found,...

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Rob Ford

Rob had an interest in painting from an early age and was a enthusiastic painter. He applied to his local college on an art course and after completion, he took on many jobs from removals to gardening. He then focussed on his painting, creating fantastic still life...

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Ronald Berger

Ronald Berger was born in Austria in 1943 from an artistic family. These influences allowed him to develop his talents from an early age. By studying the inherent traditions of the Dutch still life masters to the Italian Renaissance, Ronald fine-tuned his academic...

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Ruby Keller

Ruby Keller is the pseudonym for the very talented, award winning Peter Worswick. He was born in 1960 in Lancashire, England. He works from his studios in Lancashire and the Lake District. Known for his striking landscapes, figurative paintings and experimental attitude, he then created a technique in painting stunningly captured animals. Featuring a variety of Hares, Stags, Pheasants and Highland cows and many more. Giving the painting a modern twist with grey backgrounds and colourful flecks. He has built a huge career for himself, having his work published all around the UK and Europe.

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