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Domingo was born in Barcelona 1946. Having completed his studies in 1966, he spent several years as a successful book illustrator publishing numerous books and other publications and in 1971 he became sub- editor of an art magazine in Madrid. Living in Madrid was the...

Dina Perejogina

Dina Alexandrovna Perejogina. I was born in St Petersburg, Russia, in April 1976. Her mother and father are both artists. She grew up with her mother and brother in St Petersburg. Both her mother and father being talented artists themselves, Dina soon followed in her parents footsteps. 
She graduated from the St Petersburg Art Restoration school and subsequently became interested in wildlife drawing and painting. 

‘My love of wildlife and fine art has led me to develop a very detailed style of work. I will usually spend several weeks on a painting to ensure I capture the intricacy and essence of my subject. I always endeavour to create emotion in my paintings, in the hope that the owners of my work will be moved to smile whenever they catch sight of it.’