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Antonio Garcia (Puerto)

Antonio Garcia, known in the art world as ‘Puerto’ was born in 1957 in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain. Antonio has come from an artistic family background, his father, Jorge, was a teacher in the Fine Art School in Alicante. At a young age, Antonio pursued a career in art by attending the art school Escuela Municipal de Bellas Arts. He finished his studies in the San Carlos Fine Art School in Valencia from which he acquired an Art Degree. He specialises in capturing the stunning sunsets and waves on the Mediterranean coasts.

Antonio Iannicelli

Antonio Iannicelli was born 1952, in the Naples, Italy. Still living just north of Naples, he continues to create stunning coastal landscapes, capturing the beauty of Venice and the Amalfi Coast. Using oils, Iannicelli gives the paintings such warmth and colourful surroundings with his bold choice of colours. His paintings are exhibited all over Italy including, Rome, Sienna, Bari and some of Europe. He has been awarded several Italian Art Prizes during his career as a professional artist.

Alfredo Navarro

Alfred Navarro was born in Alcoy, Spain in 1965. The oldest of three brothers, he has always lived an artistic life, as his father was also an artist who support him when Navarro was very young, getting him involved in artistic activities, even though in the end it...

Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan was born 1952 and is a full time artist living on the border of Herefordshire and Powys. After five years of study at Swansea Art College he then graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Coventry University. He began his career as an illustrator, working for well known British publishing houses, but eventually went back to what he is known best for…landscape paintings! With his striking colours and taste of nature, he specialises in paintings of the Gower Peninsular and the mid-Wales area.
He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK, and his work is collected in Canada and France.

Jorge Aguilar

Jorge Aguilar – Agon, born in Barcelona in 1936. After attaining a University degree, he left Spain for Europe and mixed with the Bohemian circles of the Schwabinger Kunstkreis in Munich and Parisian Montmartre and St Germain des Pres. His first exhibition was...